The neighborhood will be awarding the honor of neighborhood Yard of the Month, and we would like to hear from you! Please nominate your neighbor, or yourself, and let us know which home you think has the best yard each month, May - September.  Make as many nominations as you like, and send them to Konnie Torbahn, or hand deliver on paper to 73 Planters Dr.  Be sure to give the complete address of your nominee.

Congratulations to the winners of Yard of the Month
August - The Atwoods of 171 Amsterdam Drive**
July - The Varhese family of 5110 Huntshire Drive
June - The Benners of 23 Planters Drive
May - The Tran family of 181 Amsterdam Drive
October - Finn and Sally Duerr of 5111 Huntshire Lane
September - Tom and Barb Baker of 150 Amsterdam Drive
August - Mike and Beverly Harrison of 271 Amsterdam Drive
July - Sandy and Bill Stogner of 31 Planters Drive
June - Sonny and Sherry Walden of 5085 Bowers Brook Drive
May - Joe and Frances Parks, 130 Amsterdam Drive
October - Walden family of 5085 Bowers Brook Drive
September - The Atwoods of 171 Amsterdam Drive
August - The Bakers of 150 Amsterdam Drive
July - Michael and Lamprai Langdon of 4921 Huntshire Lane
June - Kim and Carol Burnsworth, Kent and Penny Colangelo of 103 Planters Drive
May - Gretchen Hughes and her son Joshua of 82 Planters Drive.