The Woods of Parkview Homeowner’s Association is centered on volunteering. The 5 Board members are all volunteers who give their time to see the neighborhood prosper. There are lots of other folks giving time and talent to make the neighborhood appealing and to keep our dues costs down by not having to pay for all our support services.

Sandy Stogner maintains our e-mail lists and communicates with the residents regularly.
Konnie Torbahn schedules pool parties and oversees Yard of the Month in the summer.
Becky Ballard is our Welcome Committee chairperson.
Gretchen Hughes is our Tennis Coordinator overseeing all things tennis.
Emil Powella produces our Neighborhood Directory.
Phil Segre is our webmaster.

If you see something in the neighborhood you think could be improved, consider being the volunteer who works on that improvement. Also consider helping one of the people named above if their area interests you. 

--WOPHA Board