WOPHA Tennis Court Rules



1.   The courts are for the use of Woods of Parkview full and annual members and their guests.  Non-member residents may not be guests. 

  1. No food, glass containers, bicycles, strollers, skateboards, skates, chairs or similar items are allowed inside the fence.
  1. Proper attire and tennis shoes must be worn.  Shirts must be worn and sport bras must be covered up.  Basketball and running shoes are not to be worn on the tennis courts.
  1. The last players of the night shall make sure the lights on all the courts are turned off and the courts are locked.
  1. Vandals will be prosecuted and parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children and/or their guests.  Members will be responsible for payment of any damage caused by themselves, their children, and their guests.

  1. It is the responsibility of each member to report court rules violations and court abuse.  Report the violations to the Tennis Coordinator or any Board Member.
  1. Penalties for violations shall range from verbal warnings to suspension of court usage.
  1. Court hours:  7:00 A.M. until 11:00 p.m.
  1. No one, including small children, will be permitted inside the court enclosure unless playing tennis.
  1. Children seven years and younger will not be permitted to use the courts unless accompanied by an adult.


        Courts are reserved online at www.reservemycourt.com

  1. Reservation playing time is one and one-half hours for singles and/or doubles.
  1. Reservations must include first and last name.
  1. Reservation playing time is divided into one and one-half hour increments with the first increment starting at 7:00 a.m.
  1. Members 8 years old and older can reserve the courts.
  1. Courts may be closed to regular reserve play during scheduled team lessons, team practice, tennis tournaments and social functions.  Schedules will be posted in advance and must be cleared through the Tennis Coordinator.
  1. Each member is limited to a maximum of one (1) reserved time period per day and three (3) reserved time periods per week.  Team practices, team lessons and ALTA/USTA matches or practice matches are not considered to be one of the reserved times.
  1. Reservations not kept within ten (10) minutes are forfeited.  No one can play past their scheduled time if someone is waiting, except with the consent of the waiting party. 
  1. Good sportsmanship and common courtesy dictate that reservations be kept.  Cancellations should be made as soon as possible.
  1. An OPEN COURT exists when no one has reserved the time period or when the persons reserving the time period forfeits the court by not keeping the reservation within ten minutes.
  1. If a court is not reserved or is forfeited, any member may play on that court. This does not affect the reserve time limitation for that member.  Members may play as many times on an “OPEN” court as desired without affecting their reserve time limitation.
  1. Anyone playing on a court who has not signed up a reserved court or an “OPEN” court will be obligated to give up the court.


  1. These rules apply to any ALTA or USTA team utilizing the Club courts for practices or matches.
  1. If there are more teams than are allowed by the number of Club courts, the teams shall take turns rotating their turn to use the Club courts for matches.  Teams which are not allowed to have matches at the Club courts may hold matches at other courts and conduct practices at the Club courts.  New teams organized pursuant to these rules start their rotation with matches away from the Club courts if there is not room at the Club courts.  It is the responsibility of the team captain to reserve non-Club courts for matches.  If there are more tennis teams that want to use the Club courts than the number of available slots at the Club courts and the Lilburn City Park courts, then the use of the Club courts for practice and games will go to the teams with the highest number of Club members actually participating on the team roster.
  1. ALTA & USTA team captains must submit complete team rosters with outside member fees to the Tennis Coordinator prior to each season.  Rosters must be approved and any fees paid for outside players and annual dues for Club members shall be paid prior to the beginning of practice sessions for the ALTA & USTA season.
  1. Each ALTA & USTA team will be permitted one and one-half hours per week (both courts) for practice or lessons, beginning three (3) weeks prior to each season and running through the ALTA or USTA season.  No instructor is required.
  1. The tennis team captains shall be responsible for cleaning up courts and spectator areas after each home ALTA & USTA match.  This includes picking up trash, emptying trash cans on the courts, taking trash cans and recycling bins to the curb at the top of the driveway, returning empty trash cans and putting in new trash can liners.
  1. The Tennis Coordinator shall establish team practice schedules for the next season prior to the final regular season match of the previous ALTA season.  The Tennis Coordinator shall establish team practice schedules as soon as they are requested to do so for USTA team.
  1.  A $35.00 fee/season will be charged to each adult non-member player and a $25.00 fee will be charged to each junior non-member player and given to the Tennis Coordinator. A player may be on multiple rosters for teams playing during the same ALTA or USTA season for one fee. Team captains are responsible for coordination of the fee payment.
  1. Non-members may not reserve tennis courts for use at any time.
  1. Non-member residents of the Woods of Parkview subdivision may not participate on ALTA or USTA teams as non-members.

  10. In the case of rainout of organized team matches, makeup matches may take precedence over scheduled practices of the respective   leagues. i.e. ALTA or USTA.