Effective May 1, 2009

1. The pool, baby pool, pool house, pavilion and other pool facilities (collectively, the “Facilities”) are for the use of: (i) full members of WOPHA; (ii) annual members; and (iii) their out of neighborhood guests. Residents of Woods of Parkview who are social members of WOPHA or who are not a member of WOPHA may NOT be guests.
2. Guests may not enter the Facilities before their accompanying full or annual member arrives, and the guests must depart when their accompanying full or annual member departs.
3. Children under the age of nine (9) may not be left at the Facilities unattended by parents or guardians.
4. The hours of operation for the Facilities shall be posted.
5. The lifeguard shall close the pools for 15 minutes after observing lightning or hearing threatening thunder.
6. Proper swimming pool attire must be worn. No cut-offs, pants with holes, or other improper clothing shall be allowed.
7. Speed limit in parking lot and driveway around the Facilities is 5 MPH.
8. Swim meets or other events organized by the Board of Directors will have priority at the Facilities.
9. The pavilion area is open to all full and annual members and their guests, unless a scheduled party is present.
10. Grills are open and available to all full and annual members. Dispose of ashes properly.
11. All full and annual members and their guests shall read and adhere to the rules posted at the Facilities.

GUESTS  (Effective May 15, 2017)

  1. Guests may not enter the Facilities before their accompanying Member arrives, and the guests must depart when their accompanying Member departs.
  1. All guests must sign in upon arrival at the Facilities.
  1. A Member household may host no more than a maximum of five (5) guests per day.  This limitation is subject to the following rules.  A Member may have more than five (5) guests per day as long as the guests are either the Member’s parents or children (= “Vertical Family”).  Brothers, Sisters, cousins and other extended family (= “Horizontal Family”) of a Member are subject to the five (5) guests per day maximum.
  1. A Local non-member may only be allowed to visit the pool as a guest one (1) time per week (defined as “Monday – Sunday”), regardless of who the host Member is on each visit.  For example, a guest may not visit the pool on Monday with member x and again on Wednesday with member y.  
  1. Babysitters/Caregivers will not be considered guests only if accompanied by the children of the Member they are babysitting, and provided that the following procedures are followed. A Member must give prior written notice to the Board of the babysitter/caregiver’s name.  The babysitter/caregiver must sign in for each visit to the Facilities.  When the parents and babysitter/caregiver are with the children at the Facilities, the babysitter/caregiver shall be considered a guest and shall be subject to the guest rules as set forth herein.  The family of the babysitter/caregiver may NOT be a guest(s) at the Facilities.
  1. A long-term house guest of a Member shall not be subject to these guest rules as long as the Member gives prior written notice to the Board of such person(s). 
  1. An out of town guest of a Member shall not be subject to these guest rules.
  1. Members are responsible for their guests at all times.

1. Swimming is NOT permitted unless a lifeguard is on duty.
2. Members and guests shall not harass, bully or intimidate others. They also shall not use or take the toys or property of others without their permission.
3. No running or pushing in the pool area.
4. No foul language.
5. No pets, glassware, gum, metal hairpins (or other objects that could rust), bicycles, tricycles, skates or skateboards are permitted in the Facilities.
6. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted for anyone less than 21 years of age. All alcoholic beverages shall be placed in a plastic cup or can holder while in the pool area.
7. The Facilities are smoke free. Smoking is NOT allowed at the Facilities.

1. No running anywhere on the pool deck.
2. Divers may be injured or paralyzed if they hit their heads on the bottom of the pool. As a result of this danger, no one, including adults, may dive into any part of the pool except the diving well.
3. No sitting or standing on the shoulders of another swimmer.
4. No hard balls (tennis, racquetballs, etc.); all other balls must be kept in the pool.
5. No inflatable boats or toys larger than a one (1) man raft.
6. No game or activity that, deemed by the lifeguard, is dangerous or inhibits others to swim.

1. No lifeguard is on duty at the baby pool.
2. Parents must watch their children in the baby pool at all times. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children while in the baby pool area.
3. An adult must be inside the baby pool fence during use.
4. The lifeguard may close the baby pool if no adult if inside the baby pool fence.
5. Only children five (5) years old and younger may use the baby pool.
6. All children with diapers must wear rubber pants over the diapers. Swim diapers are not an alternative.

1. The diving board takes priority of the deep end when it is in use.
2. No swimmers are allowed in the deep end while the diving board is in use.
3. No one who cannot swim will be allowed in the deep end or off the diving board regardless of any safety device being worn.
4. No one with any type of flotation device (raft, noodles, floaties, etc.) shall be allowed in the deep end or off the diving board.
5. One (1) swimmer at a time on the diving board.
6. Only one (1) bounce on the diving board.
7. No hanging or sitting on the diving board.
8. Divers shall dive straight off the diving board and not towards the side of the pool.
9. Swimmers may not run to dive in the pool.
10. The diver shall not go until the previous diver has reached the ladder.
11. The diver shall not exit the pool on the same wall that the diving board is mounted.
12. No one is permitted to hang on the lane ropes or the diving well rope.
13. Games are allowed only at the lifeguard’s allowance when the diving board is not in use.
14. No games allowed that break any pool rules or cause overcrowding in the deep end.

1. Adult Swim shall be called by the lifeguards every quarter (15 minutes) till the hour.
2. During adult swim, all swimmers under the age of 18 must exit the water completely.

1. Lifeguards have complete authority over conduct and safety at the Facilities.
2. Violations of pool rules shall have at a minimum, the following discipline:
a) First Offense – Violator shall be given a verbal warning by lifeguard.
b) Second Offense – Violator shall sit out next to the lifeguard for a designated amount of time given by the lifeguard in action.
c) Third Offense – Violator shall be sent home with notification to their parents and/or guardian. Swimmers sent home will have their actions documented.
3. Persistent behavior problems shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors which may take further action, including expulsion from the Facilities.

1. Any full or annual member may reserve the pavilion for parties.
2. All parties must be scheduled in advance with the person in charge of pool party reservations (See Membership Directory or Bulletin Board).
3. Party host shall pay a $25.00 non-refundable reservation fee at time of making party reservation.
4. Party host shall pay for additional lifeguards at a cost of $20.00 per hour per life guard.
The number of lifeguards required is as follows:
a. For 0-20 invited guests: 1 additional lifeguard;
b. For 21 – 60 invited guests: 2 additional life guards; and
c. For 61+ guests: 3 additional lifeguards.
5. The number of invited guests includes all party guests regardless of whether they will be swimming or not.
6. Payment of reservation fee and for additional lifeguards shall be made at time of reservation and checks shall be made payable to WOPHA.
7. Parties of less than 25 invited guests, including parents and siblings, may be scheduled on any day of the week.
8. Parties with 25 or more invited guests, including parents and siblings, must be scheduled between Monday and Friday or 6:00 p.m. or later on Saturday or Sunday.
9. A party of more than 50 invited guests, including parents or siblings, requires approval by the President of the WOPHA.
10. If more than one (1) party is scheduled for a single day, there must be a minimum of one (1) unscheduled hour between the end of the first party and the beginning of the next party.
11. Any party has a maximum time limit of three (3) hours during pool hours.
12. The member holding the party shall identify themselves to the lifeguard before the party begins.
13. A lifeguard must be on duty at the pool throughout all parties whether or not any pool activities are planned.
14. Parties must end by 9:00 p.m., except with permission of the President of the WOPHA, parties may end at midnight.
15. Guests must leave at the end of the party.
16. The member who held the party is responsible for the clean up of all food and/or trash. The pavilion tables and deck area must be left clean.
17. All clean up and removal of party supplies shall be finished by the end of the scheduled party time.
18. The WOPHA may reserve the pool during normal operation hours for functions such as swim meets or social events. The date and time of these closings will be posted in advance.

1. These rules may be amended at any time by the Board of Directors of The Woods of Parkview Homeowners Association.