2016 WOPHA Annual Meeting minutes
Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, Lilburn City Hall
Meeting called to order by Noble Jones 
A quorum was present. 30 proxies. 20 households in attendance. 
Board Members Present:
Noble Jones -- President
Neal Barton – Treasurer
Emil Powella -- Vice President
Duane Stanford – Secretary
  • Financial review presented by Neal Barton 
  • Elections: 
Two seats available: Barton sought re-election to one; Hayden declined to run again for the second. 
Three candidates declared -- 1) Neal Barton 2) Zach Priceman and 3) Blaise Wannemacher
Candidates were each given the floor to introduce themselves and speak about their candidacy.
Secret ballot election held: The top two vote getters — Barton and Priceman — were declared winners. 

  • Membership decided to continue to use colored wrist bands to regulate member access to Swim-Tennis facilities. 
  • Membership discussed security cameras. Agreed by unanimous consent to pursue further information. 
  • Membership agreed by unanimous consent to pursue playground upgrades. 
  • Membership agreed by unanimous consent to investigate implementation of a password-access membership directory. 

Noble Jones adjourned meeting.

2014 WOPHA Annual Meeting minutes
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, Lilburn City Hall
Meeting called to order by Noble Jones at 4:05 pm

Noble introduced:
Neal Barton – Treasurer
Emil Powella – VP and mayor
Susan Hayden – Director
Duane Stanford – Secretary (absent)
Meeting purpose – present financial report and election of two board positions: Barton and Hayden
Financial review presented by Neal Barton – no questions
Capital expenditure report by Noble Jones
- Aging facility / having wear and tear / replace items as needed
- Tennis – replaced fencing and painted poles
- Pool house – installed ceiling inside building and new gutters
- Refurbished diving board / replaced mechanicals
- Parking lot – graded gravel area
- Landscape – significant enhancements, switched vendors
- Upcoming consideration: swim/tennis driveway concrete replacement and tennis court decking repair

Thanked volunteers:
- Konnie Torbahn – decorating front entrance
- Sandy Stogner – distribute info via email to neighbors
- Phil Segre – website
- Ted Lotz – directory
- Stu Litwer – tennis
- Becky Ballard – welcome committee
Social Committee position open – asked for volunteer. Have not had social functions such as Easter Egg hunt, etc. due to lack of volunteer. No volunteer at the meeting.
We have a viable budget. Need to stay ahead and be proactive.
Outside Membership – number is limited due to our bylaws as a non-profit corporation. Have to limit revenue from outside sources. Encourage new members – have $50 referral fee.
- 2 positions open – Neal Barton and Susan Hayden
- Asked if anyone like to run – no reply
- Motion to elect
- 2nd of motion
4:34 Noble Jones adjourned meeting.

2013 WOPHA Enhancement Projects
Nov. 5, 2013
Dear Woods of Parkview Members:

Your elected Board of Directors has completed a number of enhancement projects this year. Thank you to all who have contributed to this work and offered suggestions. The directors also thank each of you for your timely dues payments, which made these improvements possible. Highlights:

Landscaping -- Hired a new, professional company to maintain grounds. Spread roughly 400 bales of pine straw. Added various other ground cover to pool, tennis courts and front entrance that will be attractive and low-maintenance, reducing long term costs of pine straw.

Pool House -- Added a ceiling to finish the inside of the facility, enclosing the exposed rafters for a clean, sophisticated look. Replaced facia boards and gutters. Added gutter guards and vented soffits to the exterior. Repainted wood trim.

Tennis --  Replaced the court fence and repainted the fence posts and overhead lights for a quality look. Woods is one of the few swim-tennis communities in our area. Such facilities add value to our individual properties, as they are attractive to new families.

Diving Board -- Replaced the spring board and ladder after cracks were discovered. Professionally refinished the stand. Woods of Parkview is one of the few neighborhood pools that can boast having a midrise professional diving board. This board is now set for another 20 years or more of service.

Parking -- Laid and leveled new gravel for the parking lot, protecting against erosion and providing a neat look.

Social -- Reintroduced a pool party for adults to socialize and get to know other members better.

Future Projects under consideration: 
Replace Concrete at top of swim-tennis driveway.
Rehab tennis court viewing platforms.
Permanent landscaping and fence rehab at entrance.
Playground relocation.

Board of Directors
Woods of Parkview
Noble Jones -- President
Emil Powella -- Vice President
Neal Barton -- Treasurer
Susan Hayden -- Director
Duane Stanford -- Secretary

2013 WOPHA Annual Meeting minutes
Meeting called to order by Noble Jones at 3:00 P.M.
19 families were represented along with 27 proxies giving a total of 46 homes
Lilburn mayor Johnny Crist spoke to the group about Lilburn progress.
He covered the old Blue Rooster restaurant site being likely leased to the Sprig restaurant for a second site. Explained the rerouting of Main Street
Talked about the Field of Dreams baseball project.
Emil Powella spoke thanking Catherine Davidson for her 7 years of service on the board.
Neal Barton reviewed the Financial Reports.
Noble gave a facilities report:
Diving board is being resurfaced.
Atlanta Gas Light project that was done in our pool parking area.
Noble talked about the value of outside pool membership in the finances of the club.
Becky Ballard has volunteered to take on the responsibility of the Welcoming
Emil thanked Phil Segre for all his work in developing the new website. Phil will be our webmaster in the future.
Board election:
No individuals present indicated a desire to run for the open board seat and Noble Jones, Emil Powella, and Duane Stanford were elected by acclimation of all members present and all proxies.
Open discussion:
Can the power pole at the entrance be relocated? We will look into.
There was discussion about the traffic issues in the neighborhood. David Hibbert will look into guidelines for requesting speed bumps.
Can we get a couple picnic tables for the Commons area? We will look into.
The meeting was adjourned by Noble Jones.
Jan 28, 2013, 9:06 AM
Jan 30, 2014, 2:57 PM